Gibbon Experience Laos crash

Life danger for all participants!!

Lonely Planet could be paid by the gibbon experience!

Lonely Planet could be paid by the gibbon experience to keep in silence about this crash.

At August 4th 2013 I was also warning other travellers about the Life danger within the gibbon experience through the forum.

One day later this post was deleted!

My only explanation is that Lonely Planet wants to keep this crash secret because they get paid by the gibbon experience.

The advert of the Gibbon Experience in the Lonely Planet Laos is a full page.

How much do they pay for?

Does the Gibbon Experience write the review itself in the Lonely Planet?

The Upshot is, that Lonely Planet is not interested in investigations on a crash, that happened on a tour they recommend!!

Gibbon Nightmare Experience

Beware of this Company, Life danger!image


On July 21st – 22nd 2013, my girlfriend and I was doing the 2 day gibbon experience. Within this tour we have been doing 14 ziplines.

The organizers promise you that it is safe and a unique experience. So far to their promises.

In true I had a fatale crash, I was super lucky that i survived and without serious injures. Afterwards they tried to swipe the whole situation under the rug and did not treat either me or the scandalous crash serious.

The following report you can read what happened, how it happened and about the scandalous behavior of the gibbon management after I crashed. The crash happened on July 22nd at 10:30 am.

First of all, I think that it is disgraceful that they send you out on the zipline without any type of safety equipment, no helmet nothing.

The management is charging so much money for the tour, despite this they save on the most important stuff, safety equipment for travellers.

Now to the concrete situation.

It was the second day of the tour, we were hiking out of the woods and doing the last zipline.

The idea of the zipline is that it reaches from one platform to another through the valley. You glide on the zipline with a harnisch, the distances that you cross is at least 300m. While you glide the zipline you are in several hundred meter height also going with a high speed.

So as we were doing the last zipline the first guide went down. The way of communication between the guides is that the one that went first, is shaking the zipline from the other side and the guide uphill send you down. Now there is the problem to this sort of communication, that it is not clearly. Also think about that the ziplines are made of steel, according to their mass and length it is impossible that this sort of communication works reliable. They can’t warn you if anything is wrong. Calling doesn’t work because of distances usually between 300 and 400 meters.

There was a major problem with the zipline, it was not clamed, the zipline did not reach from one platform to another. The zipline touched the ground over a distance of 100 meters. The spot where the zipline touched the ground was full of dorn bushes.




The trees on top of the mountain is the place where the zipline started.




The second guide was not able to communicate this problem to the guide uphill. The guide uphill gave me the sign to go. I got more and more speed, I was not able to break this speed. The break system is an small piece of a tire, attached to the harnish. The break of the harnisch was so worn that I got no chance to break down.

What happened next was, I crashed with full speed into the ground! This was the beginning of a nightmare.

Through this crash I got several heavily cuts on my head and my right arm.

I also got heavy bruises all over my left body that turned out later into a broken rib.



Somehow I was super lucky to make it through this incredible crash with these “light” injures according to the life danger I was in. I came from an approximate height of 100m, full speed into the ground not able to brake with the worn equipment.

On the ground there was the first guide and the second was zipping down after several minutes. I got no assistance or help from the guides. They were not equipped with first aid kits, band aids.

I stopped the bleeding on my head with my girlfriends scarf. There was also no rescue plan, I had to pull up myself, shocked and injured from the crash, uphill on the broken zipline to the end platform.


In this picture I am pulling myself uphill after the crash to the ending platform in 100m distance, there was no plan for an evacuation.

After this I had to hike to the pick up point further.

When we reached the pick up point neither the guides or other people from the business have seen the need to fix my bleeding wounds. I had to ask the driver several times to bring me to the hospital.

On the way there, I told the guides that I want to talk to the management about this crash and want them to be around. Despite this, the guides snuck out of the car halfway.

After the hospital I went to the office and told the staff in the office that I want to talk to the management.

Notwithstanding my critical condition and my shock they told me that the boss or the management is not available. I asked them to call the boss.

After this they let me wait for 90 minutes. At this point I decided to consider the police. Just through this notice the same staff from the office that is doing registration, sat down at a table with me.

The excuses they used for this crash were a big scorn.

Their explanation was that through the rain the night before, there was a tree falling on the line and pushed it to the ground. The first guide cut the tree with his knife and after this the line snapped back up.

This is a lie, the whole management suffered under a distorted perception.

As you can see in my pictures the line was not clamped and touched the ground over a distance of 100m!

According to the mass of the zipline and the mass of a tree that could be cut with a knife, it is absolute nonsense. Also you can’t stretch a zipline made of steel, it will tear before it expands.

Referencing to the fact, I have never seen a management. I was sending out an email to the gibbon experience contact.

I got no response till I reported this crash the police and they started their investigation.

In my opinion it is a big scandal what happened their that the gibbon experience. They did not treat me seriously, they tried to sweep this whole case under the rug.

I got no compensation for all the physical and material damage I suffered through the crash.

In this situation I was in a serious life danger. The management missed to maintain the zipline, missed to educate the guides English and first aid, they missed to equip everybody with safety and communication gear.

According to the caring duties, the management missed it all and I got the victim of this physical assault.

I want to inform all the travellers out there about the life danger that is linked with the gibbon experience and also want to inform how they are not able to treat you in case of an emergency and also not interested in your state of health afterwards.